Empowerment Group's Entrepreneurship Training Course provides an innovative introduction to small business start-up. The course can be taught as a whole, or broken into topical workshops.

We believe that the key to every successful small business is an empowered entrepreneur. Our training focuses on preparing the individual for small business ownership. We help entrepreneurs become personally prepared for the challenge, give them the tools to effectively communicate, and inspire them to take action.

Our interactive sessions are comprised of dynamic small-group activities, large-group discussions, presentations, personal reflection, and out-of-class assignments. Through a variety of teaching methods, we hope to equip each entrepreneur with the skills that they need to thrive.


 The Manager: Personal Development

Even before you began harboring your entrepreneurial dreams, you were running a small business: your household. The way that you think about money, work, business, and your future all shape your current spending habits and will shape the success of your small business. This section will help you get your personal finances in check and prepare for the next step by setting realistic goals.

  • Attitudes & Actions: Have you heard the phrase mind over matter? We’ll show how your views on business, debt, money, and work influence your day-to-day life and present financial situation.

  • Success Mindset: Is success, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder? How do you envision success? We’ll help you examine your personal strengths and weaknesses and how they will affect the path to a successful business.

  • Strategic Planning: What’s next? We’ll give you the tools to get realistic with your goals and outline your path to success with manageable deadlines.


 The Message: Marketing Yourself and Your Business

You can do as much personal planning as you want, but a thriving business is about more than the entrepreneur; it’s about the customers. Chances are, there’s someone out there peddling the same concept as you. How are you going to compete for customers? More importantly, who are your customers? In this section, you’ll refine your business idea, learn to communicate clearly about your business, and develop specific strategies to reach your target market.

  • Features & Benefits: What are the essential services your business provides? What does it offer beyond that? We’ll help you identify your unique selling points.

  • Value Proposition: Who is offering competing services and how are they selling them? How do you stand out? We’ll teach you to communicate effectively about your business.

  • Target Market: If you build it, who will come? How do you identify and study potential customers? We’ll prepare you to refine your business idea and marketing message through conducting market research.

  • Marketing Strategies: How do you reach your target market and publicize your business? We’ll discuss high-touch and low-touch marketing, and help devise a marketing plan that’s right for you.


 The Money: Financial Planning

We’ve all heard the cliché that you have to spend money to make money. No matter how much planning and speculation you do, it can still be scary to put into practice. There are plenty of further complications with business finance. How do you keep records? What unexpected expenses could pop up? How do you separate this from your personal finance? In this section, you’ll expand your financial literacy, and apply lessons from your personal financial situation to your business. 


  • Business Finances: How do you begin to budget for the new business, or calculate start-up costs? We’ll help you anticipate spending, learn new financial vocabulary, and determine when you’ll break even.

  • Cash Flow Management: What’s the best way to track business finance and plan for future income? We’ll demonstrate good accounting, cash flow basics, and best practices through case studies and interactive games.


 The Method: Business Planning and Management

You may have an excellent business idea, a well-defined value proposition, a clever marketing strategy, and a feasible business plan. All this isn’t enough if you haven’t prepared for some of the legal oversights and nitty-gritty day-to-day details of business ownership. What do you need to legally operate your business in the city? What practical skills do you need to develop to keep an “Open” sign in the window? In this section, you’ll learn the habits that entrepreneurs need to adopt, from practical daily maintenance to planning for the future.

  • Managing People, Tasks, and Time: With so much to oversee, how does a time-pressed small business owner keep everything organized? We’ll teach you to keep thorough records and to use operational flow charts to manage employees, inventory, and equipment.

  • Looking Ahead: With the stress of day-to-day operations, how do you keep up with the times? We’ll reinforce the necessity of continual innovation, networking with other business owners, and maintaining a healthy personal life.



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